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 tracking software for VST hosts reViSiT in action

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reViSiT v1.7 Pro Beta Screenshots (19/07/12)

Standalone Mode


reViSiT v1.6 Pro Development Screenshots (22/06/11)

Pattern Editor
(Arranger View)

Order List
(with Pattern Layers)


reViSiT v1.5 Pro Screenshot (24/12/10)

Host Integration, Comments
and new Track Headers.


reViSiT v1.4 Pro Development Screenshot (19/04/10)

Sample Library


reViSiT v1.3.2 Pro Screenshot (02/02/10)

reViSiT Pro


reViSiT v1.2 Pro Development Screenshot (18/08/09)

New Pattern Editor
(w/ High Resolution editing)


reViSiT v1.0.2 Pro (20/12/08)

reViSiT Pro

reViSiT Pro and reBUS, in Cubase SX


Flexible Audio Routing

Channel Configuration

reViSiT v0.93 Beta Development Screenshots (10/07/08)

Instrument List
(w/ Filter Settings)

MIDI-triggered Patterns
(Pro Edition only)

reViSiT v0.92 Pro Beta Screenshots (19/11/07)

Assignable Outputs using reViSiT Pro and reBUS

reViSiT v0.90.1 Beta Development Screenshots (11/04/07)

Pattern Editor
(w/ Colour and Naming)

Instrument List
(w/ Colours and Naming)

Order List and
Channel Configuration
(w/ Colour and Naming)

reViSiT v0.90.0 Beta (08/03/07)

Pattern Editor
(w/ Help Bar)


reViSiT v0.89.5 Alpha (03/01/07)

TrueType Fonts #1

TrueType Fonts #2

Pattern Preview

Pattern Overview

reViSiT v0.89.4 Help System (03/01/07)

Help Bar

Help on Help

Keyboard Shortcuts

Context Help
(Pitch Column)

Context Help
(Effect Reference)

Context Help
(Dxx Effect Reference)

reViSiT v0.87.3 Alpha (01/12/05)

reViSiT v0.87.3a

Dual Monitors

reViSiT in Cubase

reViSiT in Tracktion

reViSiT v0.87 Alpha (26/06/05)

Pattern Editor

Main Menu

Order List

(Song Variables)

Info Page

Instrument List
(w/ MIDI options)

Sample Editor

reViSiT v0.86.5 Alpha (01/06/05)

Instrument List (MIDI)


reViSiT v0.86.5 Development Screenshots / Images (10/03/05)

MIDI Effects

Instrument List (MIDI)
(Screenshot Collage)

Prototype Interface

reViSiT v0.86 Development Screenshots (08/10/04)

Info Page

Main Menu

reViSiT v0.86 Conceptual Images (14/09/04)

Instrument List (General)

Instrument List (Volume)

Instrument List (Panning)

Instrument List (Pitch / MIDI)

reViSiT v0.85 Alpha (27/08/04)

Pattern Editor

Sample Editor

Order List

reViSiT in Cubase

Future Concepts (25/05/04)

Audio Support

Pattern Zoom

Waveform Preview

Pattern Preview

Expert Mode


VSTrack v0.745 Alpha Screenshots (Pre-release - 17/04/04)

Patten Editor


Early Development Screenshots (Pre-release - 25/10/03)

Pattern Editor

Sample List

Order List

VSTrack in Cubase

Original Conceptual Images (Design Prototypes - 05/09/03)

Pattern Editor

VSTrack in Cubase

Design / Actual Comparison

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