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Help fund reViSiT development!

Thank you for your interest in reViSiT! It is the product of years and years of work, and there are ways to help it continue. Many people are already doing what they can as users and testers - reporting bugs and suggesting new features. However, reViSiT also has more tangible needs, such as development software and web services. You can help fund reViSiT!

All donations are reinvested into reViSIT's development, and will help to keep reViSiT affordable and accessible to everyone. If enough people donated, reViSiT would be completely free. However, donations have been rare, so reViSiT is set to adopt a tiered "freemium" distribution:

  • a free STANDARD Edition with basic features for non-commercial use only.
    This edition is broadly equivalent in functionality to Impulse Tracker 2, albeit with an improved audio engine and basic integration with your VST host.

  • a PROFESSIONAL Edition with many exclusive and advanced features plus the license to use your music commercially. Future development (e.g. new features) will also largely focus on supporting and extending this edition.

Limited-time Benefactor Offer
Past donations have historically been rewarded with an upgrade. Until a web store is ready, users donating 20 (25 / $30) or more will also receive an upgrade to a Professional Edition license.

Click here to donate to reViSiT using PayPal.

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