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  technical support
 tracking software for VST hosts getting help

  reViSiT was developed on the strengths of the tracker inferface. However, whereas this affords great power and flexibility in the music process, it can seem daunting to the beginning tracker. Although reViSiT attempts to allay these problems by offering an interface that is as easy-to-use as possible, there will always be questions and invariably the occassional bug.
   Thus, there exist several methods of getting help with reViSiT:

  1. The reViSiT FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
    This is your first port of call. Published here are the answers to a list of questions that most frequently befuddle the user. Including solutions to common queries or problems, often taken from past emails or from the forum (below).
  2. The nashNET Forum
    This is your second port of call. On the message boards, you will find - among many other things - details of new releases, information about any relevant bug fixes or workarounds
    and lots of people ready and willing to answer your questions (including the developer).
  3. The Feedback Form
    If you think you've hit upon a bug, or you've thought of a feature you'd like to see - let me know! The Feedback Form allows me to collect relevant information so that reViSiT can develop and grow. If you supply your email address, you are almost guaranteed to get a response - as prompt as possible!
  4. Email the Developer
    If you're too shy for the forums and you feel the form stiffles your style, you can always drop the developer an email. Be warned, however: if your question concerns all users, I may post the question (anonymously) and its answer in the forum!
In any case, the developer will make every effort to answer your questions, hunt down and kill your bugs and implement all ingenious ideas.

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